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This unique three-day course will focus on common orthodontic specialty exam questions and technique of the exam. The course is ideal for those planning to sit the Board or the membership exams in Orthodontics.

  • Course Date: 11-12-13 December 2019
  • Location: Crown Plaza Hotel- Kingdom Of Bahrain
  • Points: 10 CME NHRA
  • Registration Fees:
    • Study materials, past exam questions and handout.
    • Bonus 3-month follow up and discussion form exclusive for the course participants
    • bonus 3-months access to Orthodontic journals value equal to $1000
    • Lunch Buffet & refreshments during the course.

    ** Early Registrations avaiable till 15-November-2019

    • Early Registration:
      Late Registration:

  • Installment plan:

    • 1st Installment-for seat Reservation (200 BD / 760 USD)
    • 2nd Installment on 26/10 (200 BD / 760 USD)
    • 3rd Installment on 5/11 (190 BD / 560 USD)
  • CANCELLATION OF THE COURSE: , This is highly unlikely but if this happened, then we will notify you by 1/11/2019 and you will receive a full refund of the paid deposit. Topics are subjected to change for quality assurance.
  • REFUND POLICY: Payments are non-refundable. Refunds of course Fees will not be given if you cancel or are unable to attend the course.
  • LANGUAGE: Language of the course will be in English

Proof of undertaking a postgraduate study in orthodontics

  • Understand the membership in orthodontics exam, its structure, the examiners view and the marking scheme along with some exam tips and advice
  • Provide an overview of the majority of the RCS blueprint topics and revising the importance questions in the membership exams
  • Acquire the required skills to use medical records as the basis for focused discussion to plan the case during the MOrth exam
  • Revise and appraise the available evidence.
  1. Lectures: Over the three days of the course, we are aiming to cover the majority of the topics listed in the RCS blueprint for the orthodontic training. This will be in a form of 15-30 minutes’ quick revision of the most common questions, past tests and some tips relevant to each topic to assist the candidates in optimizing their results in the exam and the key references. The topics to be covered include but are not limited to:

    • Orthodontic examination and diagnosis
    • Imaging in orthodontics including radiography and photography
    • Space analysis and space provision in orthodontics including extraction, molar distalisation, IPR, expansion, etc;
    • Aetiology of malocclusion and the role of soft tissue in the development of malocclusion
    • Iatrogenic effects of orthodontic treatment
    • Orthodontic materials
    • Functional appliances in orthodontics
    • Extraoral appliances in orthodontics
    • Defending bracket prescription selection in the exam
    • Adult Orthodontics
    • Temporomandibular dysfunction and orthodontics
    • Indices in orthodontics
    • Orthodontics and minor oral surgery
    • Management of the developing malocclusion, what guidelines and policies you need to know?
    • Retention and stability in orthodontics, what does the literature say?
    • How deep you need to go into research methodologies and designing a study?
    • Miscellaneous topics including infection control, clinical governance ethics, consent, etc relevant to the MOrth exam.

  2. OSCE/ Viva mock exam Day: There will be a written mock exam following the structures/ conditions of the Morth exam to test the delegates knowledge. The following day, delegates will be provided via email with their marked answer sheets and be able to seek feedback from the lecturers of the course.

  3. Communication mock exam Day: On the mock day of the course, we will split the delegates into groups supervised by the course lecturers to run a mock communication scenarios exam followed by presentation of the gold standard answers to all scenarios.

  4. Unseen clinical cases mock exam Day: At the end of the mock exam day, there will be a mock unseen cases exam to test the delegates’ knowledge in treatment planning only, under the strict timing of the Morth exam.

Dr.Mohammed Almuzain

  • Specialist Orthodontist/ UK/ Australia/ New Zealand
  • Honorary Lecturer and Research Fellow in Orthodontics/ University of Sydney and Edinburgh
  • BDS(Hons),
  • MScD.Orth. (Distinction),
  • MSc.HCA (Atlanta),
  • DClin.Dent.Orth.(Glasgow),
  • PGCert.Health (Portsmouth),
  • PGCert.MedEd (Dundee),
  • MJDF RSC (England),
  • MFD RCS(Ireland),
  • MFDS RCS (Edinburgh),
  • MFDS RCPS (Glasgow),MOrth.
  • RCS (Edinburgh), IMOrth. RCS (Glasgow),
  • RCS (England), MRCDS.Orth. (Australia),
  • MDFT RCS (Edinburgh)

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